Kayaking Tips and Inspiration

Best Places to Kayak in the US

I love to kayak when I travel! It’s a good way to get closer to nature and see the area from a different perspective. Plus, another benefit of kayaking is that you can get some exercise.  The scenic views and breathtaking landscapes will make all the effort worth it! With over 250,000 rivers, too many... Read More »

Five Benefits of Kayaking

Five Benefits of KayakingIf you are debating whether or not to give kayaking a try, just do it. You won’t regret it! Need more convincing? Then keep reading to learn more about the benefits of kayaking. Gets You Outdoors Fresh air will do you a world of good! It’s so refreshing, plus your skin can absorb much needed... Read More »

Kayaking Quotes to Get You Paddling

You may have guessed that I am pretty obsessed with kayaking.  If I am not kayaking, I am usually thinking about kayaking, talking about kayaking, researching about kayaking or wishing I was kayaking.  So here are some of my favorite kayaking quotes that help me get through the days without paddling. My Favorite Kayaking Quotes... Read More »